Centerline Utility Services – Underground utility locating service of Maine

Centerline Utility Service’s accuracy comes from our attention to detail.  We put all the “pieces of the puzzle” together to make sense of the located job sites.

Centerline is a family owned business.  We have been locating underground lines since 1989.  Centerline started out as a part-time endeavor.  With the word getting out, we quickly became a full-time business, securing contracts with utilities to represent them to perform dig safe requests.  We recently added more employees and opened an office in southern Maine to allow us to cover the whole State of Maine.  We also will perform work in NH, MA and Vermont.

Maine state law requires that prior to any excavation, Dig Safe must be called to check for underground utility lines.  Such notification must occur no matter the size of the project, from planting a tree to the construction of a large industrial complex, from installing a post at the end of a driveway to the repair of a water main. The law exists to protect you from various harms that could occur from excavation at any depth.  For instance, damage to a utility infrastructure could lead to personal injury or even death. Additionally, incorrect excavation can lead to monetary harm in the form of fines and penalties for the responsible party. Just one excavation mistake that slices through a fiberoptic line may cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace! Follow the law and don’t put yourself at risk

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